Top 3 reasons why you should have SMS and how you can use it

SMS (Short Messaging Service) has become a mainstream way of mobile marketing and advertising. Businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies down to mom and pop shops, are starting to capitalize on this new from of marketing. Between retail stores to restaurants, almost any industry can find a new way to reach their target market.

There are many reasons why businesses should utilize SMS. Here is our top 3:

  1. Affordability : SMS Marketing is very affordable form of marketing. Depending on the company you work with, you could only be spending pennies and nickels per message. You control how often you want to send a message and to how many. You name your budget.
  2. ROI: The Return of interest on SMS is fairly high. Many factors go into it receiving a high ROI. Here are a few:
      1. Insanely High Open Rates- compared to opening an email (which is roughly around 23-30%), text messages are opened 95% of the time. Over 87% if the world population has cell phones. Over 95% of text messages are opened and read by your customers in 15 minutes.
      2. Permission Is Key– This also gives a high ROI because your customers opt-in to receive these texts themselves! Consumers have to opt-in to join your text messaging list – they are telling you they want to hear from you. They do this by texting your keyword to a short / long code or by signing up via mobile, or even a web form on your website or social network page. And if they ever want to stop receiving messages all they have to do is reply STOP and they’re automatically removed from your list. It’s a great way for your consumers to manage the SMS themselves. If they want to continue to receive promos, specials, etc., they will stay opted in. Analyzing the data after will help determine if your campaign is effective.
      3. It’s To The Point- With only 160 characters, that allows you to say exactly what you need to say. No other advertising medium has that relationship with the consumer. Text message ads engage the consumer in a way that makes them look forward too more offers from you.
  3. Accessibility- Most people only leave home with three things: their car keys, purse/wallet and their cell phone. Americans sent over 2 trillion text messages in 2010. If you aren’t sending text messages to your customers yet, you better believe that your competitors are. SMS ensures your message reaches your customers no matter where they are., instantly. 

Now that you pretty much know why you should SMS, here are at the two main ideas that you can do with it:

 1. Promotions- You can create custom coupons, promotions, specials, etc. to your customers who have opted in themselves, enticing them to take advantage of that particular promotion. Retail stores and restaurants can benefit the most with this option.

 2. Confirm appointments- This is a great opportunity for businesses to remind of their appointment by sending a text message 24 hours before an appointment, with an option to reschedule before it’s too late to fill the appointment with someone on the wait-list. Most facilities leave a message and don’t know if it has actually reached them or not. Salons, spas and medical facilities can benefit the most with this option.


Mobile marketing is continuing to grow and is the fastest way to reach your consumer. It’s on the go, just like most people today.

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