Using QR Codes for social researching

We’ve blogged about QR Codes 101, just like everyone else. But we’ve seen a lot of business that do use QR Codes use it in the most basic form, a link to the website or Facebook page. What are they doing to keep them staying on that link once it is scanned?

Recently, we utilized QR Codes to conduct a survey for a client. This is a great way to utilize marketing research and social media to connect with the consumer. Once the customers have taken the survey, the business may or may not offer a discount on their product or service. The purpose of the survey is to learn more about the consumers’ wants and needs.

A lot of business fail on not properly researching more into their current customer base and focus on getting new business. Focusing on your core customer base and knowing their want and needs will still get you more business, and probably more business if you only focus on obtaining new customers.

For example, if a restaurant utilized a QR Code for surveying, they would be able to have their table do the survey instead of leaving them with the bill. It will give the restaurant guests something to do while waiting for their food. It gives the restaurant a higher probability of a survey being responsive.

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