Hiring a marketing firm?

Hiring a marketing firm is a serious business decision that should involve a critical look at your business right now and what it will look like in the coming years. You need to know what is involved, with your business and the marketing firm’s, when you decide to hire a marketing firm, and what your expectations are when they are engaged. Don’t hire a marketing firm without doing your own research first.

The main objective of the marketing firm is to bring your product(s) or service(s) to market. Marketing research, campaigns, advertising, PR work, social media, branding, R & D, trade shows, public sampling and education and other avenues all fall under the umbrella of marketing. Most of this you should already be doing in your business.

We comprised a list of three things to consider when looking to hire a marketing firm:

  1. Expectations. You need to know what your expectations are as far as what you would like to gain from hiring a marketing team
  2. Commitment. Short term? Long term? You can generally hire full- or part-time marketing resources by the hour, week or month without committing to long-term employment. This allows you to cover temporary holes (i.e. maternity leave) or limited workload surges (i.e. a new product launch) without affecting headcount.
  3. Why you should:
    1. Fresh perspective. Hiring an outside marketer can bring new ideas to the table that you may never think of because of your limited knowledge
    2. Small staffs that may not specialize in effective marketing plans.
    3. Save costs. Instead of hiring a full time marketing professional, hiring a marketing firm to handle your marketing can save you money on insurance, worker’s comp and more.

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The don’ts of branding your business

With the growth of social media, more businesses are branding themselves than ever, even the small businesses. Creating a successful isn’t easy and does not happen over night. It does take some time. Here are a few things to help you in creating your brand for your business or products.

Ignoring real strengths: We always see companies who overlook their real strengths. Some businesses even make fake claims in their branding campaign. Be honest and avoid making false commitments. Find out your real strengths and stick to them during your entire branding campaign. Working on your business’ weakness is a good thing, but be careful when publicizing it.

Over promising, Under delivering: Don’t over promise to your clients and then under deliver and destroying their trust in your brand. Over promising can help you in creating an initial buzz but the inability to deliver what you have promised to your customers can put you in danger of losing credibility, and more importantly, harm your brand reputation.

Vision: Not having the right vision can harm your brand, and ultimately your business. Your branding strategy should always be driven by your vision and not by your short term goals.

Copying competitors: This is a big no no! This is one of the most common mistake businesses do while creating their branding strategy. Just because a campaign works for another business, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Branding is to stand out of the crowd, so doing the same thing as your competitors won’t help you. To stand out from the crowd and leverage the real benefits of branding, you need to do something unique. Being different is beneficial, when branded correctly.

Inconsistency: Branding is a long term process. Do not expect overnight results from a branding campaign for your business or product. Many companies stop their branding campaigns when they can’t see quick results they were expecting, and wonder why they fail. Branding is not a quick solution. Don’t expect it to be.

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