Google+ and your brand

Google+ Brand Pages have finally come! We’ve been extremely excited about this launch, and even received early access to Google+ Pages (circle us here!), that we’ve already dug in deep to learn all about it. A lot of people and businesses alike ask “how will Google+ Pages be different from Facebook? How will it be better?”. We believe Google+ Pages has the potential to be huge. With only our second day in, we’ve seem some amazing differences with some similarities. Here is what Google+ Brand Pages are like:



1. To go from your personal Google+ page to your Brand Page is fairly simple. The new homepage has also added features, like a new search toolbar for YouTube and the option of creating your own page. Compared to Facebook, the Google+ homepage is much cleaner. To go directly to your brand pages, you would click on “Manage your pages” as shown to the left. How is Google going to be making money on this? There are no spaces for advertisements at this time, which by any means is great for the viewer, but how is Google going to make this profitable for them?  It does have the capabilities to do something great with advertising 



2. After the click on “Manage your pages”, you will be directed to your pages list. It is MUCH cleaner than Facebook’s. You can have multiple people manage your pages just like Facebook.


3. After going to the homepage of the Brand page, you have the capabilities to see who has your brand in their circles. Something great that Facebook does not do is that it gives you the ability to put your followers into a group you create. This is great for marketing for many reasons. It gives you the ability to market to specific demographics like sex, occupation, local, etc. 

It gives you a chance to post something to a specific group only.
4. To go back to your personal page, it is exactly the same way you got in. Like under your profile photo and click on “You”.
Overall, we love Google+ Brand Pages. It’s simplicity, functions and capabilities are just amazing. Here are our top three reasons why we love Google+ Brand Pages.
  1. Ability to post something to a specific targeted demographic.
  2. Easy, great functional way to manage your followers
  3. As a marketer, a great way to manage campaigns to specific demographics
Now it comes to should your business be on Google+? The answer: not all of you. Google+ is a social network. And just like we do with all of our clients, you need to analyze Google+ and see if it is the right social network for your business. Now if you are interested in starting a Google+ Brand Page, here are our top three reasons why your business should have their own Brand Page:
  1. Great opportunity to create contests, giveaways, and surveys and disburse them through different demographics
  2. A great opportunity to improve your SEO
  3. An opportunity to Hangout with multiple people on a conference call. (Google Hangouts is a video chat with ability to have multiple people on one call)
If you have any questions on Google+ Brand Pages, contact us at

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