Social Researching: what your consumer want…now.

Have you participating in social researching? Social researching is the combination of marketing research and social media. It’s a way for businesses and brands to know what their current customers want, how they want it, and when they want it.

You’ve either participated in a survey or conducted one. If you’ve taken a survey before, was there a reason for it? What did the business need with the results? Did they entice you to take the survey with a discount on their product or service? These are questions you, as the consumer, need to ask yourself. There is a reason why you are being surveyed. Businesses, are you tracking and measuring your survey? Utilizing social media to survey your current following allows you to see what their are thinking and potential find future wants and needs.

You can post your surveys online… and off. By using a QR Code, you can create a link to your survey for your customers to take the survey via mobile in house (find out more here). So how can a business fully utilize social researching? Here are some ideas:

  1. Restaurant/Bar can utilize social researching to find out what food/beverages their customers like the most, customer service expectations and which events they would be interested in attending.
  2. Salons/spas can utilize social researching for customer service and future offerings their customers are looking for.
  3. Nonprofits can utilizing social researching by reaching out to those who’ve donated in the past and sending them with a short, simple survey with the possibility of donating again.
  4. Retail stores can also utilize social researching by surveying customers on customer service, product offerings, sales and more. The survey can be done in house or online as well.
There are many reasons a business should tap in to social researching. What are your current customers thinking?
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