Top 3 Excuses Small Businesses use to Avoid Web Marketing

1. “I don’t have the time”. This is the number one reason most businesses say for the reason of not web marketing. We get it, you have a lot going on between dealing with the customers, managing inventory, etc – we get it. There are a lot of free tools to use to market your business online, but managing your web marketing is just like managing a car- you need to service it to keep it going. The biggest mistake is starting and not finishing. Tip: schedule yourself a block of time every day to web marketing. If you still can’t or don’t want to, then that is when you need to outsource. Web marketing isn’t a fad- its ongoing.

2. “It’s too expensive/Not in my budget”. Besides the time, most people say they don’t have it in their budgets to market on the web. Times are tough, we’re all feeling it, but it really is no excuse to neglect a tool that could drastically help your business. Between the computers and now mobile, people are on the web more than ever, and its only going to be more accessible. You need to know what your customers are saying about you. Brand monitoring is one of the biggest issues small businesses face when they web market their business. Tip: Move some money around. Maybe your budget on supplies is more than you need or put web marketing into your budget for the next quarter.

3. “No, I’m all set, my secretary/admin is handling it for me”. There are a couple of things wrong with this. One, pushing more work to your admin/secretary will not ensure that their regular workload will be accomplished. 95% of businesses that give their web marketing work to their admins, don’t pay them extra. In turn, that create your employee overwhelmed and unhappy. Two, your secretary/admin are most likely not knowledgeable with web marketing practices. They may end up hurting your online reputation instead of growing it. Tip: First, if you don’t have a marketing department, outsource it. If that absolutely cannot be done, pay for whoever it is you decide to put in charge of your web marketing to go to workshops, seminars, conferences etc to learn how to completely utilize web marketing.


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