When to step up your marketing

Marketing seems to always be the first thing cut when budgets are shrunk. When business is slowing down is the time to really step up your marketing. Some businesses are seasonal, for example: ski shops, farms, ice cream shops and many others. How do you know when you should step it up? With our past experiences, here are some industries that should step up their marketing by seasons:


Accountants – with the winter coming and the New Year shortly after, people will be going tax crazy. Filing taxes are one of the most important things a person has to get done. Targeting a specific demographic needs to be done months prior to tax season, not weeks. To have effective marketing efforts, your campaigns should be starting in the Fall.

Bars– Although summer is perhaps one of the slowest seasons for bars, the winter is when it can be the busiest. Bars need to market themselves for the winter heavily in the Fall. With many options for people to go to, you want to make sure they are going to your bar. Showcase drink specials, events, contests, etc. to entice people to go in to your bar over the bar down the street.

Clothing stores/boutiques– For a small business competing against corporate giants, promoting the stores, products and customer service are going to be huge for the holiday shopping season approaching. Although there are people that always shop local, give those others a chance to come in before the holidays start to see your store and products. If you market in advance, it will be easier to target current customers to come back in for the shopping season.

Auto Dealers– the winter is coming and some people are already thinking snow. For a person who has an old car and looking to upgrade to a SUV, it is best to market to them before the snow comes. Showcasing inventory and customer service will get you ahead of the pack, especially if you are a small dealer.


Gyms/Health Centers– the time to start marketing/promoting is right at the beginning on November; the beginning of holiday season. You have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years in a short span of time. You have people saying “I need to start living healthier…after the holidays” and the beginning of November is the time to start marketing to those people. You want to showcase your facility and make sure you make them feel comfortable being there, especially if it is their first time going to a gym.

Golf/Country Clubs– This is THE time to market your club. Spring comes with new registrations and people gearing up for the golf season. This is the time to start per swaying golfers to join your club. Although you can’t physically show off the course, you can promote the club and the benefits of being a member.

Landscaping companies– most landscaping companies also do snow removal, so they would be working during this season. The reason they made this list is because during the winter is when they need to start marketing/prospecting new clients for the spring and summer.

Colleges/Universities- During the winter is when the high school seniors make their final decisions on what school to choose. Most students apply to multiple schools and decide after from the ones that accepted them. What is your school doing to market to the high school seniors, and potentially, the juniors as well. During the winter, a lot of students also decide they want to transfer from their current college/university. This season is prime marketing season for colleges and universities.


Restaurants/Bars- Spring time is the busiest time for restaurants and bars. Winter is over and people are tired of being in their homes. So why should they market in the spring? For the summer! Summer time is the worse season for restaurants and bars. Vacations, BBQs, out door parties, holidays and many other reasons keep people at their homes during the summer or away from home. Start marketing your busy heavily in the spring to attract new customers to have them start coming in in the winter. Share specials, menu items, events and anything else your target demographic would enjoy at your restaurant/bar.

Ice Cream Shops- although ice cream can surely be enjoyed year round, summer is by far the busiest season. Start promoting flavors, toppings, upcoming specials and more starting in April. Start promoting samples, giveaways and contests to get new customers through the door in the springtime to have them come back during the summer.

Local Breweries– two works: beer gardens. Beer gardens are very popular during the end of spring and throughout the summer. It gives local breweries an amazing opportunity to target new customers. Beer gardens are normally held at other events, or it can also be done on its’ own. March is a perfect month to start promoting. You need to typically give people two weeks to a month prior to an event to get the word out and an estimated attendance number.

Salons/Spas- wedding season begins. From May to September, salons are booked for multiple parties almost every week. But what comes before the wedding? Bridal shows, jack and jills, engagement parties and more. Most women and the bridesmaids select a salon months and months prior to the big day. So what is your salon doing to market to them before they get married? Start marketing to the new brides to be as soon as March. Also, don’t forget, many couples become engaged from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. So women start thinking as soon as during the winter and decide in the springtime. 


Office Furniture/Supply Stores– come September, almost every business owner comes refreshed from the summer. Between days off, vacations, etc., the summer is the most laid back work season. In the fall, businesses look to update, stock up on products for the fall and winter, and if the summer went well, new furniture. Although office furniture and supply stores should definitely market heavily through out the whole year, they should give it that extra push during the summer.

Carpenters – Carpenters should definitely start marketing their efforts heavily during the summer. Come fall, many people want to update the interior of their homes for the upcoming holidays.

The above industries are just examples. There are many more companies. Now this by no means any company should market only during one season. You should be marketing your business 24/7. But there are certain seasons that you do need to give your business an extra marketing push. What industries do you think need to market more during a specific season? Let us know and comment below.


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