Is your marketing material professional?

You are given little opportunity to convince your target demographic the value your product(s)/service(s) hold. If you can’t convince your target clients to read your promotional material, marketing your business will be hard. Is it clean, catchy and uncluttered?

Here are a three things to remember when you create/recreate your marketing material:

Professionalism. If your material doesn’t look professional, your clients will assume that you don’t take your business seriously. Believe it or not, we live in a superficial world where first impressions mean everything. They will also assume that you can’t provide quality products and services.

Clean, simple, and to the point. Some businesses try to get away with fitting all the information into one brochure to save on expenses. The more text you have and the smaller the text it, your brochure is more likely going to be pushed aside or even thrown away. If your material is simple, easy to follow, then there is more chance that your prospects will take the time to read it. Don’t clutter your material with photos, symbols, logos, etc. everywhere. Remember people have short attention spans. Keep it clean, simple and to the point.

Consistency. Is all your print material consistent? Make sure you use a consistent theme, with complimentary colours that are easy on the eye. If you have multiple print material with multiple themes, it gives the appearance of being unorganized and unprofessional.


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